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Easy & Fast
Manage your data without IT help.
Centralized access to information.
Cost Effective
Great revenue, no source code needed.

Modeling tool

Modeling tool to design the solution and to manage changes in the business in an iterative and incremental way, without service stopping.


Powerful and flexible GraphQL API, synchronized with the data model. Available to facilitate integration with front-end applications or other computing systems.

Manage data tool

Graphic interface to administrate your data from any device and from anywhere.


Create real-time metrics of your databases, with no SQL knowledge needed. Powered by Metabase.

No code & Low code

Use functions to create automation and replace the back-end with a low-code solution.

Generation of Custom Reports

Generate customized reports from templates that the user can design in Office. The reports can be filled with data stored on the platform.

Models Import & Export

Airflows offers the possibility to export and import the model and the data in Excel format, to allow more advanced users to model and manage the data more quickly.

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Airfows is a No-Code platform that allows take control of your business data and processes. Enable your workforce to work from anywhere and adapt faster to changes.